Spring Updates: All About Wood

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When we were looking to replace our existing furniture pieces after our move I knew I wanted to head away from all-white and go towards more solid wood. I love the look, feel and comfort of natural wood and wanted it to be the foundation of our new interior. Here are a few replacements we did over the spring:

Storage Unit

This corner needed a practical mini makeover. My workspace is best when it's clean and tidy and as much as I love greenery, this particular spot needed to be reduced as the plants were overflowing onto the desk. We also badly needed storage for our tools: something sturdy enough to hold the weight and with enough compartments to allow proper organization.



This spot had so many iterations but this was the latest one before we swapped units. A confusing mix of uneven heights: a corner that didn't take advantage of storage and felt very busy.



Ikea IVAR 3-drawer chest, stained in Minwax's Ipswich Pine and elevated with custom legs. It was the alternative to the typical industrial "garage"-style units we originally looked into for our tools.

Work Desk

By far the most exciting. I wanted to replace our current work desk (which worked in our condo but no longer served the space) with a wooden one that easily elevated when needed. Wood not only suited the room, but practically, I could sand it down and refinish it any time especially as it got wore and tore over the years with future drawing and DIY projects.


A sterile table, this was Waldek's original desk that I inherited. The gleaming metal legs were a glaring anomly in this room.

DSC_0789 copy.JPG


Ikea FINNVARD Trestle legs in birch. The tabletop was custom made, sized to suit the space and was stained in Minwax's Ipswich Pine to match the chest beside it.

Nesting Tables

Our living room used old plant stands from our previous home, some which were actually meant for the outdoors (like the black iron one in the corner). We have a very small living room, so reducing the plants and adding a matching group of natural beech wood tables added some cohesion. These also allowed for fluid rearranging when needed - a very versatile set.



Everything huddled around the perimeter with an electric mix of materials (though all 'natural', it didn't have the solid foundation I was looking for).


Ikea YPPERLIG nesting tables left unfinished. They freed up so much floor space and Odin absolutely loves roaming and napping underneath them. 

One thing I told myself while we worked on building our interior was that I was going to take it slow but certain furniture pieces need functional updates right now. So we went to the mecca of accessible, fashionable furniture: Ikea, and chose pieces that were pre-made for convenience but were also customizable and flexible enough that they could grow with us. That's the beauty of solid wood: it can be refinished, hacked and slashed whenever we'd need a change.

Product List:

  • Wall plantersWallygro (10% code: "studioplants")

  • Self-Watering PlantersPatch Planters (20% code: "studioplants20")

  • Paper planters: Uashmama

  • Globe Planters: Elho

  • Featured: Ikea (IVAR 3-drawer chestFINNVARD Trestle legs, YPPERLIG nesting tables)

  • Couch: Structube (Taylor)

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