Reading Fertilizer Labels - Quick Guide

You'll see fertilizers are labeled with 3 numbers in a 0-0-0 format. Ex. 10-10-10, 5-0-0, 6-12-0, etc.  These represent three primary nutrients most plants need to thrive (they aren't all a plant needs but are the major players).


0-0-0 = N-P-K



Nitrogen (N): nurtures the upper part of the plant, particularly with vigorous foliage growth. It also attributes to a leaf's rich green colour.

Phosphorus (P): works for healthy root system development. It also helps with flower production and fruiting.

Potassium (K): responsible for overall plant health by strengthening cellular structures. It helps makes plants more resilient to the elements and general environemntal impacts.

An easy remembrance gardeners use is "Up, Down, and All Around" referencing to foliage (N), roots (P), and overall plant health (K).


  • All-purpose Fertilizer (Synthetic): Schultz

  • All-purpose Fertilizer (Organic): Espoma

  • Cactus Fertilizer (Synthetic): Schultz

  • Cactus Fertilizer (Organic): ESPOMA

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