String of Pearls - Care

You know how when there's a plant that's notoriously challenging you can't help but want to try and grow it yourself? That is this String of Pearls ('Senecio rowleyanus' or what I call, a "Bowl of Peas"). I got this little guy on impulse on a morning walk; it was heavy with water in a plastic hanging pot. This deep, wet, plastic pot is what I think causes the death of many String of Pearls. It may be that the plant is rotted before you even bring it home and you'll only later see symptoms!

If possible, purchase a plant on the dryer side so you have more control of its watering.


Intial RePot:

I repotted it right when I got home into a breathable terracotta container with rocks at the bottom to make it internally shorter. If you've got a naturally shallow terracotta pot (they have these available at many nurseries), those would do best.

A shallow pot means less soil, which means faster drying out and therefore dryer roots. In conjunction, the terracotta wicks away moisture as well. It's best to err on dry than wet always with succulents.

DSC_0475 copy.JPG

Current Repot:

Eventually, I wanted to hang my String of Pearls as they look best cascading as an airy bead curtain. Practically, I wanted a lightweight hanging pot so plastic was the choice.

So after months of observing it grow in terracotta, I felt confident and familiar enough with its habits to transfer it into this (discontinued) plastic hanging planter. The neat thing about this pot is that it’s actually only 1/2 the depth you see: nice and deceptively short which works great for the shallow root system String of Pearls have. Shallow is still important here, even more so with plastic!

Plant Care


Bright indirect with some direct. Plant will grow more dense if top of pot is well lit.


Allow drying out inbetween waterings. If hesitant, even wait until pearls "pucker" until you get familiarity.


Above 15°C, not frost tolerant.


Cactus/succulent mix.

Top or Bottom watering?

Some folks have better success bottom watering, but if your pot doesn't have that option, top watering is not a problem as long as the air circulation is good at the soil surface. A breeze from an open window is incredibly helpful, or have a gentle fan nearby: it's great to circulate stagnant air for personal health as well.


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